What to Get New Dads This Father’s Day | A Gift Guide

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Holiday Alert: Father’s Day is a week from today. Who here has guy friends who are new dads? It’s time to spoil them a little! Last month, I shared my post on What to Get Your Millennial Mama Friends for Mother’s Day | A Gift Guide, and today you’re getting the new dad version for Father’s Day. 

Gift Guide Items

  1. Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation), $40
  2. Margarita Carry-on Kit (Set of Two), $46
  3. Basketball Dartboard, $120 
  4. Men’s Bamboo Wood Arms Classic Sunglasses, $9 
  5. Bring Me a Beer Pair of Socks, $10
  6. Adults Awards Ribbons, $28
  7. Beer Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet, $30 
  8. Leilani Dashboard Hula Doll, $11
  9. Eyeglasses Holder, $18
  10. Papasaurus T-shirt, $18

New dads are going through a huge transition in their lives. Who wouldn’t be a little less stressed when hopping into the car and seeing a swaying hula girl smiling back at you?! New dads are just like new moms – they’re going to need some shades to cover those dark circles from the all-nighters they’re pulling. Of course, anything they can make Alexa do for them will keep their multi-tasking game strong.  

 Yes, this is a silly gift guide; no, these gifts aren’t very heartfelt, but that’s the point! New parents have to have some comic relief in their crazy lives, am I right?! What funny OR heartfelt Father’s Day gifts are you getting for the guys in your life? Share in the comments below.