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Hi everyone! I hope the first week of 2017 is treating you right. My first day back at work on Tuesday was a little rough, but I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Now that Christmas and New Year’s is over (although I will keep up my Christmas tree until the end of January!), I wanted to take a minute to share some of the gifts that I received this year – I think you’ll like them! I love reading posts like this, so I thought I’d take a shot at it myself, and share some of my favorite things with ya’ll. So here we go!

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Sip S’well Dachshund Bottle: My sister totally surprised me with this adorable S’well bottle. I have a slight (okay, major) obsession with Doxie’s and hope to someday have one of my own.

Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty: My boyfriend, Cesar’s grandma got me this tingly, minty face mask (I’m a total face mask addict), and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve used it 4 times now and love how it is able to exfoliate my face without turning it bright red each time. 

Black Tassle Wallet: I’ve been using the same tiny wallet for the past 3 YEARS, and as my old one was falling apart, I decided that needed a new one for Christmas. Isn’t the tassle embellishment the perfect touch? 

Hanae Mori Eau de Parfum: A few years ago, I received a perfume sampler from Sephora as a gift. After smelling all the samples in the sample bag, I went into the store and picked out this perfume for the full bottle, and boy am I glad that I did! Hanae Mori has become my go-to perfume. It has a light vanilla scent with patchouli and sandalwood and wears well all. day. long. I get compliments on it all the time! Growing up, my mom wore Exclamation or Vanilla Musk perfumes – and those are STILL her 2 go-to perfumes. I’m happy that I have found my own “signature” scent. 

theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick: THIS! So lipstick is kind of my beauty thing. I may not have the biggest lips, but I do love giving my lips all the love. This is the first product I’ve had from theBalm, and after doing some research on the company (paraben & cruelty-free products), I was excited to try out this liquid lipstick, and man, did it not disappoint! I applied a full layer onto my lips and let it dry for a minute. It was a little bit sticky at first, but to be fair, I don’t think it was 100% dry.  I smeared a thin layer of chapstick over it and was set for HOURS. I will definitely be buying the full-size once my sample runs out.

Bliss Holiday Hand Creams & Body Butter: I didn’t know what real lotion was until I met bliss lotions. My boyfriend’s sister got me hooked on these lotions 3 Christmases ago, and she’s been getting me a gift set each year. I’ve heard her say that she feels bad that she keeps getting me the same thing, but when she asked my boyfriend what to get me, he always tells her the bliss lotion because I am OBSESSED. Thick, moisturizing, smell good lotion. Can’t beat it. I am usually modest with the application of it because I am secretly rationing it to last all year, and I do a pretty good job – this past year I had 3 full-size bottles that lasted from January to the beginning of December.

Starbucks Via Peppermint Mocha Latte: My sister gave me this cute little stocking stuffer, and it’s so delish. I’d never had this kind of Starbucks Via before, but I highly recommend it for the holiday/cold season!

Eylure Eyebrow Stencils: If anyone is obsessed with eyebrows, it’s my sister. She (and society, who am I kidding?) has gotten me on the good eyebrow bandwagon. However, with such light eyebrows, it’s been more challenging for me to shape and fill mine in. Insert eyebrow stencils. This comes with 4 different shapes of stencils (I’m using the medium arch one), and I’m feeling an eyebrow tutorial coming in the near future…stay tuned!

Smooth Sexy Hair Sulfate-Free Shampoo & Conditioner: I have to admit, I don’t typically spend a lot of shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been using the same kind forever, and it does a good job detangling my thick lion’s mane that I have (seriously, even though my hair isn’t too long right now, it makes up for it in thickness ten-fold). When I was home for Thanksgiving, I tried my sister’s sexy hair brand shampoo and conditioner and liked it a lot (she had the red bottles, I think for colored hair?). What I learned was that this particular product line has no sulfates, gluten, or parabens, and as someone who is becoming more and more conscious of what beauty products are made of, I appreciated this very much. In addition, it has coconut oil in its formula and smells GREAT.

Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo: Moving to New York hasn’t changed me much, but the one place that makes me feel like a million bucks that I would be sad to say goodbye to is Drybar, the blowout salon. Not only do they serve you a complimentary cocktail while getting your blowout, but they also have the best smelling hair products ever. Oh, and they work like a charm. All the hair products have super catchy names (detox, mudslide, triple sec, etc.), and the packaging is on-point. #smitten

Lily Pulitzer Phone Case: While out shopping after Christmas, I stumbled upon this floral watercolor case and couldn’t say no. I’m very excited to pop this on a little closer to springtime! #treatyoself

Grey Flannel Scented Candle: This musky, woodsy lightly-scented candle is a perfect scent because both Cesar and I like it! It’s surprising how different candle scent preferences can be when your living with your significant other…!

Metallic Notebook: New year, new notebook! Metallics and neutrals (think gray, black, white, beige) are my FAVORITE, and this blank notebook from T.J. Maxx has the perfect inspiring touch.

Sticky Notes: Who can say no to cute sticky notes? Not this girl. My sister and I both share a deep love for Target’s dollar section – we get sucked in for wayyy too long (and many dollars later, haha!) right when you walk through the door. Looking forward to giving myself reminders with these cute stickies. 

Metallic Pens: One of my long-term goals is to get better at photography, and these pens from Target look like perfect props for shooting some styled stock photos (EEEK!). We shall see…

Macbook Air Charger: I didn’t need much, but this guy was on the top of my Christmas wish list. It’s so nice to have an extra charger for your laptop so I can keep one in my bag and the other one in the office where I work from while at home. So grateful for this gift!

Kate Spade Dachshund Plate: This was the second Doxie themed gift that my sister, Meg got me this year, and I love the pop of color on the navy Doxie. Ya’ll, I am not exaggerating when I say that my boyfriend has taken over this plate. I have a small monogrammed plate on my bedside table, and Cesar has claimed this as his “bedside plate” and placed a chapstick and a fortune from a fortune cookie on the plate – insert crying laughing face. We clearly have #doxiefever

Macbook Air Marble Texture Cover: My blogger dreams have come true – I got a marble print Macbook cover. Yay! Now I feel like a legit blogger. haha just kiddin’.

And that’s a wrap! This was definitely the year of beauty and skincare Christmas gifts, no doubt. I think I’ll smell good all year long! What did ya’ll get for Christmas that you’re loving right now? 

  • Meg

    So happy you loved all your gifts! I can’t wait for your birthday! ?

    • You’re the best gift-giver! And Cesar has taken over the Dachshund plate – it’s hysterical.