The 3 Reasons Why I’m Using Essential Oils

Happy weekend! Question: who here uses essential oils? About a year or so ago, I got interested in essential oils from my sister, Meg (she is always experimenting with new products) who is really into using them. Not surprisingly, I didn’t know much about essential oils when I was first introduced to them, and I wanted to learn more about what they were and why so many of my friends and family were starting to use them. A couple sources that I found trustworthy and have helpful articles/resources include PubMed Health and AromaWeb
After doing some research, I liked the idea of essential oils (they are compounds derived from plants), so Meg gave me a starter kit of six oils to try out. Now, you can use all kinds of essential oils for many, many different kinds of reasons, but I didn’t want to overwhelm myself and go crazy when starting out, so right now I use the oils for just a few reasons.

The 3 Reasons Why I’m Using Essential Oils


Lavender has seriously upped my bedtime game. Not only do I use a lavender facial spray on my face (2 squirts) before bed, but I sometimes I also put a dab of the lavender oil directly on the balls of my feet in order to boost better relaxation and sleep. 

Nasal Congestion

Unfortunately, I have the worst allergies in the game and am constantly congested. To help with my nasal congestion, I use either peppermint or eucalyptus oil by rubbing some of it on my chest. Over the holidays,  I tried a “breathe” oil blend while at a family member’s home, and it worked so well – I HAVE to get some.


Another curse of mine (half kidding): I became lactose-intolerant in 2014. Nowadays, I stay away from dairy milk (hellllo vanilla almond milk!), but I can’t stay away from cheese – I love pizza WAY too much. So I take a lactaid pill and eat pizza. Usually, when I take the lactaid pill I feel fine, but every now and again my stomach fights back, and I feel terribly bloated (my stomach will feel hard as a rock for the rest of the day). When this happens, I’ve used peppermint (rubbed it along my belly in a circular motion until it absorbed) and want to get some ginger oil to try out, too.

Do you use essential oils? If so, what’s the number one reason why you use them/which ones do you use? Excited to hear from y’all!
xx Marah Elizabeth
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  • Meg

    Yay for essential oils! So happy that you have found them useful in your life! I use my oils for all 3 things you do 😁

    • what other oils do you use? I think I need to get a few more!

      • Meg

        Giiirrrl, I’ve got a ton of other ones I use!

        I’ll look through them and see what ones I use the most.