5 Ways to Manage Allergens in Your Home

   Happy Friday, y’all! After I moved to NYC from Denver in 2014, I started having the worst congestion – sneezing fits and a stuffy nose all.the.time. In 2015, I decided to go in for an allergy skin test to see what I was and wasn’t allergic to, and oh my! If you haven’t heard of allergy testing,  you can about the process here or here. My allergy test results (and flared up red skin) were very visible. It turns out, I’m[Read more]

The 3 Reasons Why I’m Using Essential Oils

  Happy weekend! Question: who here uses essential oils? About a year or so ago, I got interested in essential oils from my sister, Meg (she is always experimenting with new products) who is really into using them. Not surprisingly, I didn’t know much about essential oils when I was first introduced to them, and I wanted to learn more about what they were and why so many of my friends and family were starting to use them. A couple[Read more]