How I’m Getting a Handle On My Personal Finances

Picture this: it’s Saturday morning, and you finally have time to sit down and check your online bank accounts – you know, the ones connected to all those swipes of your credit and debit cards? Well, what you see while reviewing your accounts surprises you – how have you spent $635 in two weeks since you paid off your last statement?! You can’t think of one major purchase that happened between now and two weeks ago – you’ve simply spent[Read more]

July Goals

I’m currently sitting in my living room on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in a perfectly still state of reflection. It’s truly amazing what our minds can do when we tell it what to do instead of letting it float, wander, or drift on its own. Lately, I’ve been reading and learning about the power of manifestation, and the law of attraction. Basically, each thought that we have builds an energy flow within and around us, and similar energy is attracted[Read more]

Free Printable Wall Art to Revamp Your Home | A Round-up

  Who here has ever tried to revamp their home decor while on a budget and was unpleasantly surprised by how much some online prints can cost? This might show my twenty-something age, but I’m still not ready to drop a lot of money on art, but I do love having a great gallery wall with interesting combinations of quotes, prints, and illustrations.   Having lived at my current apartment for over 2 years now, I recently revamped the gallery[Read more]

10 Little Things I Love About the Fourth of July

Growing up, the Fourth of July was always my favorite holiday. Every year, my dad’s side of the family threw a huge family BBQ, and a ton of my cousins, aunts, and uncles came into town to celebrate by watching the fireworks together.    To this day, I absolutely love the Fourth of July and cherish this holiday just the same as when I was a kid. What do I love so much about it? Let’s find out… 10 Little[Read more]

8 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands to Try For Yourself

  Did you know that 80% of countries, including the US, still allow animals to be used for cosmetic testing? After I read multiple animal testing articles, this blog post from Cruelty Free Kitty, and saw this infographic from Humane Society International, I was horrified. In today’s day and age, animal testing for cosmetics isn’t necessary; other much more humane and cost-effective ways exist to test products. Knowing that, I made a commitment to myself that moving forward, I will exclusively buy[Read more]

June Goals

Hey, y’all! How’s everyone doing? I want to give you a  little recap: it was the most beautiful weekend of the year this past weekend here in NYC. My boyfriend and I are dog sat my neighbor’s dachshund, Chico, and we took him to the waterfront Friday night for a late night stroll. The moon was so big and bright right next to the Empire State Building – it was such a sight to see. Saturday, I slept in and[Read more]

What to Get New Dads This Father’s Day | A Gift Guide

Holiday Alert: Father’s Day is a week from today. Who here has guy friends who are new dads? It’s time to spoil them a little! Last month, I shared my post on What to Get Your Millennial Mama Friends for Mother’s Day | A Gift Guide, and today you’re getting the new dad version for Father’s Day.    Affiliate Disclosure: Please note that when you click on links and purchase items, in some cases I will receive a small referral commission.[Read more]

Quick Guide: How to Start Meal Prepping for Your Work Week

    I can’t tell you how many of my friends and colleagues ask me how exactly I meal prep. “Your meals look so delicious!” and “How do you have the time to cook so much?” are just a couple comments that I often hear. Well, I’ve decided to share with y’all my (not so secret) process for work week meal prepping. Check it out below. Step 1: Make sure you have the right equipment to start Meal prepping is pretty easy once you[Read more]