My One Word Mantra for 2017

I’m an avid believer in the idea that there are seasons in life – seasons of growth, challenge, prosperity, and seasons of immense joy, challenge, and even redemption. With each season in life being as different as the 4 seasons themselves, it’s only fitting to have a different one-word mantra for each one that you experience. 

What is a Mantra?

Put simply, a mantra is a statement that is repeated frequently either verbally or mentally and used to help someone focus. For me, saying a mantra to myself helps me protect my mind from negative or unproductive thoughts.

Last Year’s One Word Mantra

If you know me, then it’s not surprising to hear that overall, I’m a pretty happy, optimistic person. In my experience, However, 2016 was not a year for the faint of heart. So many challenges persisted in my life, and at times it was totally exhausting to deal with. However, time and time again, I chose to persevere and overcome each new challenge that presented itself. “Overcome” is the perfect one word mantra to describe how I thought and behaved last year. Although it was one of the most challenging seasons of my life, it was also one of the best ones – funny how that works, right?

My One Word Mantra for 2017

I’ve been feeling a transition in seasons over the past few months. Now that the new year has rolled in and is nice and settled, I’ve decided on a new one word mantra for 2017 – thrive. By definition, thrive is “to grow, to flourish, to prosper, to succeed“. This is my year to take the lessons that I learned from a difficult season in my life and to work towards growing and flourishing in both my personal and professional lives. I look forward to becoming a better presenter and writer. I’m motivated to plan and reach ambitious goals in my relationships and for my blog. One of the main reasons why I started Making it Millennial was to share my own personal insights about being a young professional woman and what my life looks and feels like, as well as resources for other millennials to improve their lives through intentional reflection and life experimentation. I sincerely hope that you find my small corner of the internet helpful.

How to Make Your Own One Word Mantra

Think about everything that is going on in your life right now – maybe you’re working hard to accomplish something, coping with a loss, or anything inbetween. Choose one word – a verb – that you can say to yourself over and over again (all mantra-like) to get through whatever it is you’re working on in this season of your life. Write it down. Now say it out loud again and again. Have this one-word mantra in the back of your pocket the next time you need to refocus yourself and push forward with whatever it is your working through. 

So, what’s it going to be for you? Share your one-word mantra with a little backstory in the comments below. #thrive

  • C.

    Great post! My one word mantra this year is “grind”. Whenever I’m lacking motivation, I will repeat this word to remind myself of the commitment I’ve made to myself and others.

  • Meg

    Slay. Slay. Slay.