My Favorite Bedsheets in the Game

Sleeeeep. Whether you have a love or hate relationship with it, everybody needs it. So many factors affect our sleep – stress, medications, lighting, stress and anxiety, restless leg syndrome, etc. – so many things! Today I’m going to share with you one factor that should have a positive impact on your sleep, and that’s your bedsheets.

Now, before I get started I know that everyone is different and has their own personal preferences in regards to bedding. Today I’m going to share my all-time favorite set of bedsheets that I’ve been using since I had a Twin-XL in my freshman dorm room: Room Essential’s Jersey sheet set from Target. These babies come in over 10 different solid colors, and Target has a handful of printed jersey sheet sets for queen-sized bedding, too.

So what makes these sheets better than the rest? First, they are crazy comfy. When I jump into bed it’s like I’m curling up in my favorite cotton t-shirt except it’s the size of my bed. Regardless of the weather, these sheets stay a moderate temperate (I actually HATE getting into a bed with cold sheets – aka every hotel on the planet). It was the biggest relief when moving in with my boyfriend to learn that he also had these jersey sheets on his bed (#bedmates)! Anyway, you know those fitted sheets that have the hardest time staying on the mattress? Well I don’t. Because these sheets stay in place like a champ. Not only are they comfy, hold a moderate temperature, boyfriend-friendly, and stay in place, but these sheets are also affordable. For a queen size sheet set, they’re going to run ya $34 at Target. Say yes to good deals.

The absolute only time I ever take these sheets off is when it’s below freezing outside and my radiator refuses to work and I’m about to freeze to death. Then I’ll put on my candy-cane striped fleece sheets that keep me warm like nobody’s business – and guess what? They’re also from Target!

What kind of sheets are on your must-have list? Where do you get them from? Share with us in the comments below.