My 3 Favorite Places to Shop Online That Don’t Break The Bank


I used to be that girl who went “window shopping” 3 or 4 days a week during my lunch break thanks to working in Midtown Manhattan between 5th and 6th Ave., and half the time I would return to the office with a little something that I picked up while perusing the 5th Ave. shops. However, those little shopping sprees weren’t always the best deals, more like #impulsepurchases. You feel me?

Quickly running out of closet space, a few months ago I decided to de-clutter my closet using the KonMari Method from the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. Since then, I have vowed to only purchase clothing items that are timeless, affordable, good quality, and I’m excited about wearing. Enter: second-hand online shopping.

Before I tell you the 3 places that I love to shop online where I always find great second-hand and new item deals, I will say that it’s really important to know your sizes when you shop online. Returns (of any kind!) are such a hassle, and oftentimes items that I buy from these places are non-returnable. I mostly buy clothing from a handful of brands that I know flatter and fit my body (at least all of those 5th Ave. shopping sprees helped me figure those details out).

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Let’s get to it. Here are my 3 favorite websites to shop at (mostly for clothes) that don’t break the bank:


I am really into thrifting and second-hand shopping. Everyone I know has way too many clothes, so we might as well share ’em! My go-to place for finding career and special event clothing is ThredUp. Shopping here is real easy. Just navigate to ThredUp and get to browsing! They have women’s, juniors, designer, kids, maternity, and accessory categories. You can find great deals on almost every kind of clothing, from activewear, outerwear, career, to rompers, dresses, and blouses. Next up on my try list is to get some Stuart Weitzman sandals, which I always see in my size for a steal! One of my favorite items to date that I’ve purchased from here is a Dee Elle floral print dress that I wore to my cousin Kaila’s wedding in July with the price tag of $17 – can’t beat it!

Sometimes the clothes on ThredUp look wrinkled on the mannequin. I just wash everything before wearing it!

ThredUp offers free shipping once you spend $79. If you don’t spend quite that much, then shipping costs a flat $5.99 for your order. ONE BIG PERK – ThredUp offers free returns, so if something doesn’t fit right, you’re not satisfied with the quality, etc. you can return the merchandise for free so long as it’s a returnable item. If you purchase items on clearance from ThredUp, they are final sale and non-returnable. 

Not only can you buy great clothes from here, but you can also sell your clothes to ThredUp. To do so, simply click on the “sell” category on the ThredUp website and request a Clean Out Kit. You’ll receive a big polka-dotted bag with return shipping already paid for so you can fill it with your clothes. Go through your closet and send in defect-free, on trend, top brand items and then ThredUp with give you a percentage of the original cost (it’s a small percentage but more than simply donating your unused items). I <3 ThredUp!


Ohhh eBay. My heart starts to beat a little faster when I think about all of those closing online auctions I’m about to see once I start my eBay search. Having been an eBayer since I was in high school, I’ve been frequenting this website for almost a decade now. Oh the thrill of bidding on an auction and the anticipation for the end of it to come. Who am I kidding? I recently started shopping mostly “Buy it Now” because I prefer the instant gratification! I search for many different items like books, beauty products, handbags, coats, as well as clothing. I’ll come to eBay when I have something specific that I want like a pizza slice costume I got for Halloween last year.

My good friend and vampire hunter, Abe Lincoln tryin’ to split me in half. He must have wanted to share with the Ninja Turtle next to him?!

Really you can find anything you need on eBay. You do kind of have to sort and hunt through a bunch of listings, but that’s part of the fun to me (I did say I was a thrift shopper, right?). I’ve gotten some really good deals on high impact sports bras and “new with tags” Express blouses there. One added benefit is that eBay offers buyer protection in case the item you bought is not how it was described/inauthentic/etc. In addition, you always get to leave feedback for the transaction as a buyer (and sellers get to rate you as a buyer, too). Everyone wants to give and get positive feedback, so the customer service from buyers and sellers is typically pretty good.

eBay will also help you sell your stuff if you’re interested in selling but don’t want to deal with the logistics. Although I have been shopping on eBay for years, I just recently started selling on here. Like anything new, I was more than a little nervous to get started, but it turns out that it’s super easy to sell on eBay. I’ll save the logistics for how to sell on eBay for another post, but I promise it’s straightforward!



Poshmark is my newest found online resource for fashion.  It’s a mix of second-hand and new items sold by mostly female millennials. The website is organized so you can shop by traditional categories (tops, intimates, pants, skirts, etc.), by brand, or by “showrooms,” which are collections of items from the Poshmark community that compliment each other and are curated daily.

For me, I know it’s really late in the game this year for swimwear, but you never know when you’ll travel somewhere with a pool or hot tub! I was looking at the swimwear category and was really impressed with the brands and price points (DKNY, Carmen Marc Valvo, and Kate Spade were all on point).

Here's a screenshot of the swimsuits I was just browsing through on Poshmark!
Here’s a screenshot of the swimsuits I was just browsing through on Poshmark!

Poshmark offers Posh Protect, a buyer protection service that guarantees you receive the item you ordered and are happy with it before the seller gets the money you paid for the item. One difference between Poshmark and ThredUp is shipping services. Because Poshmark is a community of sellers, as a buyer you pay $5.95 for each item you purchase from different sellers unless you are purchasing all your items from the same seller – then they can bundle the items for you.

And those are my 3 favorite places to shop online for great second-hand deals! Where do you shop online for second-hand at great prices? What places am I missing out on?! Share with us in the comments below.