MIM From A to Z: C is for Cozy Digs

Happy Wednesday, friends! If there was only ONE adjective that could be used to describe my favorite state of mind, it’s cozy. I absolutely love the feeling of soft fabrics and being bundled up in hoards of blankets and pillows – who’s with me? Today I’m going to share some of my coziest favorites and some that I’m hurting to try.
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Cozy Digs


I’ve had the same bathrobe for the past 5 years! I bought it from Target, and it’s a Gilligan & O’Malley brand gray, above-the-knee robe made out of jersey cotton with a tie waist. Super simple, very soft, and I get ready in it every single day. It also has 2 pockets, which I don’t use often but love that they are there. Lately, I’ve been thinking of getting a new robe, and there are so many options with great reviews! I know that I need some kind of jersey cotton or soft cotton blend – I cannot stand microfiber or any kind of fleece – I need lightweight + breathable. Here are a few that I’m currently eyeballin’.


Oh, am I a sucker for soft blankets. I enjoy sleeping in a room that is colder with at least 3 blankets on the bed (sheets, a light quilt, and a duvet). When Cesar and I moved and downsized, one thing I had to get rid of was allll the extra blankets that we didn’t have room for anymore. I kept our softest, most used blankets and sadly let go of the other ones. My absolute favorite cozy blanket is made from Berkshire, it’s a super soft, plushy blanket that I can cuddle with for hourrrs.  I also love faux fur and have a small faux fur rug draped over my desk chair. It’s super soft and feels good on my back (plus it doubles as a flatlay background!).


Nothing else sets up a cozy ambiance like candles do. Candles are probably my biggest impulse purchases – every time I see an aisle with candles, I can’t help myself. Voluspa is my all-time favorite candle brand; their candle holders and scents are gorgeous and smell so damn good. I’m also a big fan of homesick candles


You know that saying, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’? For me, I couldn’t care less about diamonds, but I do care A LOT about being cozy at bedtime, and pajamas are my first step in my nightly bedtime routine. My go-to pajamas are shirtdresses – like actual pajama shirts that are made extra long to cover your hiney. Right now, I’m loving my new DKNY pajama shirtdress and have been looking at the gorgeous ones over at Soma.


Pillows not only make your home feel cozy, but they also make your house feel homey! I wish I could change out pillows on a seasonal basis, but right now, we just don’t have enough storage space to store unused decorative pillows. Having great throw pillows can really pull a style or aesthetic together and can be a fun way to add varying textures to your living space.


Living in an apartment with rock hard hardwood floors doesn’t feel that great on your feet. I have a couple pairs of slippers (a slip-on pair and a bootie pair) that you won’t find me without while I’m at home.

And that’s a wrap on some of my favorite cozy digs. What items make your home feel cozy? Tell us in the comments below.

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