Making it Millennial from A to Z: A is for Apartment Tour

Good morning, and welcome to a BRAND NEW series for 2018: Making it Millennial from A to Z! Originally inspired by Design Sponge, throughout this series you’ll see posts on beauty, style, and home design, and we’ll work our way all the way through the alphabet. Sounds fun, right? I’m pumped.
Today, I’m going to kick off the MIM from A to Z series with a tour of my apartment! Cesar and I moved in October, and we are still getting settled (why does it take forever to get everything in place?!), but I promised I’d give y’all a tour. Cesar and I live in a 715 square foot 1-bedroom apartment. Here goes!

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We moved in October and still have little things to do like hanging up artwork and home decor (our walls are not good for it, though, which is why we don’t have it done yet ahhhh).  The canisters that we have out on the kitchen counter are cringe-worthy to me (it’s weird how certain things get totally under your skin for no good reason, right?), so I’m searching for new containers to hold our cooking utensils/knives. 

Being right outside of NYC, we have to make 700 square feet go a long way for two people, so the behind-the-sofa storage ottomans that double as seating was a stroke of genius that has worked well in hiding extra blankets and pillows for overnight guests. 

Of course, I took down the Christmas tree and hung up hearts for Valentines Day (I’m festive, no apologies for that). 

That’s a wrap of our apartment tour! Would love to hear what y’all think. xx


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