June Goals

Hey, y’all! How’s everyone doing? I want to give you a  little recap: it was the most beautiful weekend of the year this past weekend here in NYC. My boyfriend and I are dog sat my neighbor’s dachshund, Chico, and we took him to the waterfront Friday night for a late night stroll. The moon was so big and bright right next to the Empire State Building – it was such a sight to see. Saturday, I slept in and then was crazy productive – I went to the post office, exchanged some pants at Gap, visited the tailor to get my bridesmaid dress hemmed, and grocery shopped. We even grilled out Saturday and made a ton of food for this week – yay!

I’m looking at the date and honestly can’t believe it’s mid-June. The weather hasn’t been as warm as usual for this time of year (just this week I finally told myself that I can put away my winter coat), and I’ve had so many late nights at work that May really came and went in the blink of an eye. Let’s remember what I wanted to accomplish last month:

May Goals in Review:

  1. Celebrate 3 years with my love! 
  2. Play dress up with my sister when she’s in town.
  3. Be efficient: make the most of the time that I have to accomplish what I need/want to.
  4. Get up when my alarm goes off (no more snooze!).
  5. Finish reading “The Lean Startup”. 

My sister visited the first weekend of May, and we had the BEST time. I took a Friday off (it was Cinco de Mayo), and we explored NYC together. Meg was in town for her birthday weekend, so I wanted to treat her while she was here. We started the day with manicures and massages (they were both much needed) in the Financial District (I showed her my office building on Wall Street). Afterwards, we trekked in the downpour of rain to the shopping center inside the World Trade Center’s Oculus. While window shopping, we noticed some kind of art project going on, so we went to investigate. It turns out, an artist, Jonathan Horowitz was commissioning the “1612 Dots” project, where people at the World Trade Center Oculus can stop, come together, and paint a black dot on their own individual canvas. The idea is that everyone paints with a different hand, everyone speaks in a different voice, and everyone is created equal. I loved the message of tolerance that resonated within this project – Meg and I eagerly made our black dots!

The one item on my sister’s “Must Do” list was to go to Serendipity and enjoy a frozen hot chocolate. Earlier that morning, I had called and made a reservation for 4pm. Well, going from FiDi to UES shouldn’t have been a very hard commute, but due to a FDNY investigation at 63rd + Lex, all the subways were rerouted away from there; after a little trek, we ended up getting to Serendipity at 4:30pm (still pouring rain). We walked in, and I made eye contact with the man handling the reservation book. I wanted to be as kind as possible, hoping that we could still get in sooner rather than later. Fortunately, he had just gotten to work and totally understood why we were late for our reservation – it took him 45 extra minutes to get to work, too! We were immediately seated upstairs at a table for two. Meg and I were both ooh-ing and aww-ing when the lady sitting next to us asked if we had requested the table. I said no, we just made a reservation for two. The lady went on to tell us that the table we were sitting at was “the table” that the movie Serendipity was shot at – such a special treat! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then watch this clip of the movie, and pay attention at 1:50:

We ended up walking through Central Park towards Columbus Circle, and ended the day with a cocktail at one of my favorite rooftop’s, the Hudson Hotel. That entire afternoon was my favorite part of Meg’s trip – truly a special, lasting memory for us to share for years to come.

Top Left/Bottom Right: Dots we created for the “1612 Dots” art project commissioned by Jonathan Horowitz at WTC | Bottom Left/Top Right: Finally experiencing Serendipity’s frozen hot chocolate!

On top of all of that, I was also lucky enough to celebrate 3 years of “couplehood” with my love, Cesar. Because my sister was here when it was our anniversary, we celebrated about 2 weeks late. The hilarious part? We celebrated with some take-out at a mall, which I thought was hilarious but quirky in our own way.

In regards to the snooze button, I’ve been doing much better with getting up when my alarm goes off, and I’m still working on making the most of my time: sometimes that commute home from works just has to be a cat nap instead of reading a book, haha.


June Goals

1. Adopt a mindset of excitement instead of feeling overwhelmed.
2. Attend group fitness classes at least 3 times a week.
3. Go on 1-2 friend dates. 
The month of May got me like (insert side eye here) whoa. The overwhelm was too real. The thing is, though, everything that’s going on in my life is good. I was stressing on how to juggle all of these good tasks + responsibilities, and this month I want to embrace that challenge and consider it an opportunity to thrive (my word of the year). I just bought another package for my group fitness studio (a 3-month installment), and I’m excited to get back to the workout grind. The month of May and traveling two weekends in a row really threw me off of this, so I’m excited to get back at it again. Hanging out with friends (new and old!) is just good for the soul. I’m planning on spending some time outdoors in the sunshine with some friends this month.

 That’s what’s up, June! What are you going to accomplish this month? Share in the comments below.