January Goals

Wow! It seems like I just published my December goals, and now it’s time to share what I’m working towards during the first month of the new year!

December was a whirlwind. I actually ended up getting sick the DAY that I flew home. In spite of my sickness, I did have a nice holiday and spent so much quality time with my family, which was a goal of mine for December. Let’s take a peek again at what I wanted to do in December.

December Goals Review

  • Plan blog posts for January and February in my 2017 editorial calendar – Even while sick, I did finish this! From the comfort of my own bed bundled in the covers, even.
  • Create 30 Instagram images for January that are ready to post – Accomplished! Man, it takes so much more time than you realize to plan social media.
  • Watch a tutorial and learn how to add ads (only ones from brands that I love) to my blog – Didn’t have the mental brain power to focus on this.
  • Join 2 more group Pinterest boards (millennial/lifestyle/personal development related) – I joined 1 group Pinterest board.
  • Implement what I learned from the 5-day Pinterest course I took – I did this a little bit. Again, sickness. #boo
  • Spend quality time with my family – yes and yes! Totally nailed it.
  • Stay active throughout the holiday season (this one is tough when I go home) – I was so looking forward to doing some at-home workouts, but I was sick the entire time I was home. 
  • Review my budget for 2017 – Accomplished, and oh man! My financial goals are real, but so is my travel calendar this year for weddings. I’m going to have to pay CLOSE attention to my budget.
  • Take family photos – Yes, we took some good ones!
  • Enjoy a holiday movie marathon (The Holiday, Love Actually, The Grinch, Elf, and all things on Hallmark!) – I feel most confident in saying that I hit it out of the ballpark with this goal. The Hallmark channel was definitely on repeat this year.

Now, for the handful of goals this month:

Image by Clementine Creative

January Goals

  • Add ads to my blog that showcase my favorite things.
  • Spend 15 minutes each day pinning during my work commute home.
  • Increase Instagram following from 122 to 150. 
  • Publish a new blog post at least 3 times a week (shooting for 4).
  • Attend group fitness classes at least 4 days a week. 
  • Form the habit of saying a prayer every day while brushing my teeth in the morning.

I feel pretty confident in being able to add ads, pinning, exercising, and praying. However, the 2 goals I really want to work hard to meet are publishing new posts at least 3 times a week and increasing my Instagram following – it’s a lot harder than I had imagined. 

I’m looking forward to having these monthly goal posts for a couple reasons. First, it really let’s me see what I’m working towards and helps hold me accountable. Secondly, I hope it gives ya’ll a picture of what I’m focusing on each month and will inspire you to write down your own monthly goals.

What are you working towards accomplishing this month? Share in the comments below.