Introducing the Last Print of the Puzzle | Etsy Shop

I’ve been MIA the past couple of weeks, and it’s been for a really good reason! 

What Have I Been Up To?

Last year at this time, I was unemployed and searching for a lot of things: confidence, a job, purpose, and so much more. It took a whole lot of soul searching to break out of my comfort zone and go to Meetups for networking and making new connections (it’s all about WHO you know, not WHAT you know in NYC). Luckily, that strategy proved successful and helped me land my current role at an education non-profit that specializes in entrepreneurship education and programming. I absolutely love my job and have learned soo much in the short time that I’ve been there.
For example, one of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned through my job is how to think like an entrepreneur. A catch phrase I often here is that entrepreneurs have “an innovator’s eye and a founder’s grit”. All of this business talk has finally struck just the right nerve in me, and I’ve decided to pursue one of my passions, which is words. Not just words, though. Powerful words. Words that will make you believe in yourself, make you stick up for yourself, words that can help you stay true to your goals and remember your WHY. What we tell ourselves each day, we believe. I am creating words that will make you smile on a bad day, raise you up from all the doubt and bullsh*t, and I am so, so excited to share these words with you.

The Last Print of the Puzzle | Etsy Shop

I have enjoyably (if that’s a word??) spent hours and hours creating digital wall art printables that will lift you up and make you smile all at an affordable price – seriously like the cost of your drink order at Starbucks (grande iced chai latte made with soy and half the pumps, anyone?). See a screenshot of my The Last Print of the Puzzle, my Etsy shop below:
The wall art printables are a digital download, which means that when your purchase is confirmed, then you receive an email with the download files for the print that you purchased. Whenever you purchase a printable, you get a JPG and PDF file (8×10 in size). You have a couple options for printing the wall art: 1) use a piece of white cardstock and print at home or 2) take the digital file to Staples, Kinkos, FedEx, or any other printing service provider and have them print it for you. 
Don’t see the right words that speak to you? Let me know what design you like and what words you do want, and I can make a custom order for ya!

The First Week in Business

Cesar is so sweet and purchased the first digital download on Sunday night, and then a fellow skimm’bassador did a custom order (three watercolor mantra prints!), so I’ve made 2 sales in the first 5 days. Of course, I have to get the word out so people know where to find me, and that’s where YOU come in! If you’re on Etsy, I’d so appreciate it if you could favorite my shop. You can also pin a couple of my mockups onto your Pinterest boards. 
I’m going to keep track of which prints sell and which ones don’t, and I already have a lot more prints in the works! I’ve been obsessed with wall art printables for YEARS – it’s how I’ve decorated many spaces in my apartments. I am so happy to have my own collection started now, too.
Cheers to side hustles and powerful words, y’all!