Home Decor DIY Project: Above the Bed Wall Hanging

Happy Friday, loves. I am in such a good mood 1) because it’s Friyayyy, and 2) tomorrow Cesar and I are flying home to see my family for the entire week! I’m looking forward to so many things!

We’ve been in our new apartment since October, and while we are physically “unpacked”, our apartment has been lacking in the “homey” arena. Last weekend, I found this simplistic DIY project on Pinterest and knew that Cesar would like the minimalist vibe it has. So we went to Michael’s craft store and picked up all of the materials we needed to make our own version.

The Finished Product


  • 3 painted/stained wooden dowels (we bought ours unfinished and then stained them ourselves)
  • a ball of thick yarn
  • a bunch of greenery
  • Optional: painters tape

DIY Process

Step 1: If the wooden dowels are not painted/stained, then do that first and let them dry.

Step 2: Once dry, space the wooden dowels out on the floor, and determine the amount of space you prefer between them. We spaced ours out about 6 inches.

Step 3: Use moving tape to secure the wooden dowels down to the floor/mat/area they’re laying on.

Step 4: With the full roll of yarn, create a simple knot (make it tight!) on the bottom left wooden dowel. Stretch the yarn up to the next dowel and do the same to it and the third one.

Step 5: I stretched the yarn about 12 inches high from the top wooden dowel and then cut the yarn.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 & 5 on the right side of the wall hanging.

Step 7: With the outstretched yarn at the top of the wall hanging, create a tight knot that can be used to hang the wall decor (you can cut off any excess from the knot if you’d like).

Step 8: Grab the greenery and arrange it on the wooden dowels. Once in its desired position, use a small piece of yarn to tie and secure it to the wooden dowel. 

Step 9: Hang that beauty up on the wall! 

And voila – that’s how we created this above the bed wall hanging for our bedroom. This was such a simple DIY project, and we adore how it turned out. Another thing that’s fun about this piece is that we plan to change out the greenery every now and again to keep the wall hanging looking fresh and in season.

Love what you see? Share this DIY Project on Pinterest for others to see, too. Who else is dipping their toes in their own DIY home decor projects? xx