Four Go-To Career Websites for Female Millennials

Any other career and advice binge-readers in here besides me? What can I say, I love reading about my generation’s disruptions in the workplace (i.e. most millennials prefer to wear headphones while working and not all managers get that).

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to have a difficult conversation with a colleague or you’d like some insight into how to negotiate a pay raise for the first time, many great resources are out there to help you develop professionally. I have relied on many different career sites to teach me random work-related things, and today I’m sharing my go-to’s with you.

Career Websites for Female Millennials

  1. The Muse: The Muse is a fantastic website dedicated to offering a behind-the-scenes look at job opportunities and career advice from leading experts. You can find out what companies are hiring, get advice about writing the perfect email that’ll get you a meeting with anyone you ask, and find great podcast recommendations for unplugging from work. 
  2. The Everygirl: This is one of my favorite websites, period. The Everygirl covers a variety of topics, but I really love reading about girl bosses and advice on career moves.
  3. LEVO: Everyone has a purpose. LEVO is here to help you find yours. Visitors to this site are told to ask themselves 3 questions to find a career that they love. Finding your path, telling your story, building your network, and learning & growing are the main topics covered here. LEVO has 30 local chapters in cities around the world that offer support through local gatherings. 
  4. Life Goals Mag: LGM is an online magazine that’s tailored to consciously choosing to work towards the best version of ourselves. It focuses on inspirational and motivational content from female voices all over the world. 

Try to spend only 5 minutes at each one of these websites, I dare you. There’s just too much good stuff at each one! I’d love to hear what’s your go-to site for career + professional development, and I always like bookmarking a new favorite website, soo hit me up in the comments below.  

  • Ahhh, thank you so much for including us, Marah! I’m glad you find our content useful. 🙂

    • Hi Coley,
      Of course, the topics you cover I’m ALL about!