February Mind-Body-Soul Goals

Februaryyy, i’m so happy to see you – It’s officially my birthday month, whoo hoo! Honestly, I’m so relieved that January is over, it seemed to last for like 3 months.
Today, I’m going to be sharing my mind-body-soul goals and reflecting on last month’s goals. Let’s jump in!

January goals in review

Mind: Commit to walking the walk AND talking the talk in regards to working on my health, relationship, and blog. 
Body: Workout for at least 30 minutes two times each week. 
Soul: Get rid of the two bins worth of clothes sitting in my closet that I don’t wear. Okay, I have ONE more soul goal for this month, and that is to send out my first ever email newsletter. It’s going to have a free calendar for the month and a more personal vibe to it…if you want to get my first newsletter, you can subscribe below.
In terms of walking the walk and talking the talk, have published 8 new blog posts since the beginning of the new year, posted more consistently on my instagram, AND sent my first-ever subscriber newsletter, so I definitely think I accomplished moving in the right direction in terms of consistency with my blog. On the other hand, my health and exercise has been blahhh. I haven’t been eating like I normally do. I always start out the day with a good breakfast that keeps me full, but I barely have an appetite for lunch and hardly ever am hungry at dinner time. It’s so strange. I’ve actually been wasting a lot of food that I cook, which I hate, hate, hate to do. Sadly, working out just isn’t working out for me right now. I’m totally pissed at myself for it, too. I keep telling myself to lighten up, that it’s okay, and that I’m going to get it figured out, just a little slower than I expected.

February Goals

Mind:  Meditate more regularly to reduce stress + anxiety levels.
Body: I was chatting with a friend about how off I’ve been feeling in terms of my appetite (the fact that I’m hardly hungry for lunch or dinner is not normal for me), and he suggested trying to eat a fistful of food every 2.5 hours; he’s been doing it for about 2 years – you can eat any healthy food, he mentioned. Trail mix, bananas, hard boiled eggs, etc. – this helps stabilize your body’s metabolism and helps your body burn through calories. It makes sense, and right now, I’m open to try this simple strategy to see how it affects my appetite. I already have trail mix, cuties, and bananas; now I just need to boil some eggs.
Soul: Create a vision board to help manifest the outcomes that I want to happen this year. 2018 is a BIG year, not only is it my last year in my 20s (EEEEEK), but there are some big changes that I want in my life, and getting clear and specific about what those changes are is important to attract it into my life. 

All in all, this month I want to accomplish simple goals that will make me feel more grounded while using a lower level of energy. I’m craving some chill vibes, how about you?


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