What to Get New Dads This Father’s Day | A Gift Guide

Holiday Alert: Father’s Day is a week from today. Who here has guy friends who are new dads? It’s time to spoil them a little! Last month, I shared my post on What to Get Your Millennial Mama Friends for Mother’s Day | A Gift Guide, and today you’re getting the new dad version for Father’s Day.    Affiliate Disclosure: Please note that when you click on links and purchase items, in some cases I will receive a small referral commission.[Read more]

Marah Elizabeth’s May Style Favorites

Today, I’m back at it again with my monthly style favorites. These posts are so fun for me to write – I hope that you get some inspiration from them. This month, I’m highlighting a retailer that I recently discovered, Lou & Grey. Don’t you just love that name? For me, one of the most important aspects of the clothing that I wear is that it makes me feel good. Lou & Grey’s motto is “clothing for a comfortably confident life,” and the clothing line[Read more]

What To Get Your Millennial Mama Friends For Mother’s Day | A Gift Guide

  Happy Monday, friends! If I’ve learned anything by watching my twenty-something friends turn into mothers, it’s that being a mom is hard work. Of course, I knew it was a tough job being a mom by watching my mom, aunts, cousins, and grandparents be moms, but there’s something different about seeing someone my OWN age transform into this selfless, superhero of a mother – it amazes me every. single. day.    I was inspired to share a gift guide that ya’ll can[Read more]

April Style Favorites: Accessories Edition

Happy Thursday, ya’ll! With the weather finally warming up, I’ve been in this mood to shop, shop, shop (I haven’t actually been shopping, just online window shopping so far!). Accessories are probably my favorite items to shop for. They are so versatile, and I get so much more use out of them than a top that I only wear only a handful of times before selling it on ebay, for example. Think about it – most of us carry a[Read more]

March Style Favorites

Happy Thursday, ya’ll! I am so excited for this weekend’s Daylight Savings! Why, you may wonder? Losing an hour of sleep is NOT something to celebrate, I know, I know. However! Getting more daylight at the end of the day IS something that I will swoon over. March is the month that brings spring, and spring really is my favorite season. I absolutely love fresh starts, blossoms, pastels, longer days, and open windows with amazing breezes. Today I’m sharing a[Read more]

Marah Elizabeth’s Birthday Wishlist

February, oh I’m so happy to see you. Last night, I got a surprise text from a friend from college who is in town for work, and I met up with her and had a few drinks. It was so nice seeing her and catching up, it totally made my night! Even though my team isn’t in the Superbowl tomorrow (miss you, Broncos!), I LOVE the event – it has such an electrifying energy. February’s great for Groundhog day, the Superbowl, Valentine’s[Read more]

What I Got for Christmas | A Haul

Hi everyone! I hope the first week of 2017 is treating you right. My first day back at work on Tuesday was a little rough, but I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Now that Christmas and New Year’s is over (although I will keep up my Christmas tree until the end of January!), I wanted to take a minute to share some of the gifts that I received this year – I think you’ll like[Read more]

How To Create A No-Fail Holiday Wish List To Share With Your Loved Ones

With Thanksgiving past us, everyone is turning their attention to the upcoming holiday season. Christmas is only 27 days away – I don’t know where this year has gone! While I have been thinking of gift ideas for my loved ones and have created two separate holiday gift guides for all the ladies and gents in your life (you can check them out here and here), I have forgotten to think about what gifts that I would like to receive[Read more]