Stylish Home Office Accessories for Side Hustlers

It’s that time of year – the holiday hustle is real, am I right? It seems like everyone I meet these days has some kind of side hustle going on, and I really appreciate that. Everyone’s trying to earn AND save more, which never comes easy. With so many of us getting our side hustlin’ on, I thought it would be fun and inspiring to do a quick roundup of some of my favorite home office accessories that will turn[Read more]

My Favorite Bedsheets in the Game

Sleeeeep. Whether you have a love or hate relationship with it, everybody needs it. So many factors affect our sleep – stress, medications, lighting, stress and anxiety, restless leg syndrome, etc. – so many things! Today I’m going to share with you one factor that should have a positive impact on your sleep, and that’s your bedsheets. Now, before I get started I know that everyone is different and has their own personal preferences in regards to bedding. Today I’m[Read more]

5 Ways to Mix Feminine and Masculine Design Styles When Moving in Together

Moving in with your significant other is such a HUGE step in any relationship. Personally, I love the frills, velour, and florals of a girly bachelorette pad. When I was getting ready to move in with my boyfriend back in April of 2015 I was soo nervous. I had never lived with a guy before. What should I bring? How should we decorate? I asked myself a ton of questions. If you’re getting ready to take the scary/exciting leap into[Read more]