Learning About Shame from Brené Brown

It’s one of those days when I’ve just heard some of the most profound knowledge, and I feel like I’m jumping to share it because it’s that damn good. Back in October, I downloaded a bunch of audiobooks and podcast episodes to keep myself preoccupied during the long flights and bus rides throughout our vacation (note: if you haven’t already read my October goals post, it highlights the two audiobooks I finished and HIGHLY recommend you read/listen to!). Y’all know[Read more]

When Paranoia is Real…

  I don’t know whether it was my sister tormenting me by saying that Penny the Clown was coming up the drain to get me when we took baths together as little kids or all the horror movies my parents loved watching while I was a wee little babe, but honestly, I have been a paranoid person what feels like forever. And I’m not proud of it – it’s something I kind of hate about myself, actually. It’s just so[Read more]

8 Facts to Know About Collagen & Its Benefits

Happy Sunday, everyone! It’s overcast and cool here today, and I have all of my windows open. Airing out your home in the springtime is the best, isn’t it?! As for me, I’ve already been to spin class and have my laundry in the dryer, so I’d say it’s been a great morning so far. For the past year or so, I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about collagen and introducing collagen peptides into their diets. It took[Read more]

Snapshot: My Health & Fitness Journey

One piece of “sticky” advice that I remember hearing growing up and will never forget is that everyone has a story. I remember watching Oprah in high school and loving the episodes where she would randomly choose a person from the audience and then they would get to tell their life’s story on her show – the struggles, victories, and life lessons that they had learned – and it was always soo powerful to watch. Since then, I’ve always tried to[Read more]

4 Free Fitness & Nutrition iPhone Apps That Will Help You Reach Your Goals This New Year

Happy Saturday, ya’ll! Last night, I went to my very first Skimm’bassador ladies night in the city, and it was soo much fun. Lots of wine, laughs, and cards against humanity were involved.  Side Note: For those of you not familiar with theSkimm, it’s a daily newsletter delivered to your inbox at 6am every weekday that makes it easier to know what’s happening in the world. To me, watching the news is such a dismal experience these days because it’s[Read more]

How I Made it Through Round 1 of Whole30: A Daily Journal

How many of you love grabbing Starbucks in the morning, popping a mid-morning baked good into your mouth, and crave random sugary things a couple hours after lunch each day? Well, that’s me, in a nutshell. I hate that I love sugar so much – I finally came to the realization that it really controls my mood and influences more decisions than I’d like to admit. Humph. If you were to ask me just a few months ago if I[Read more]

95 Ways to Practice Self-Care Throughout Your Day

Is it just me or does life have a way of just take – take – taking everything we’ve got, like all the time?! For me, I was job searching for the past 4 months and for the first couple months I was in this spastic state – writing and re-writing my resume, crafting dozens of unique cover letters, applying for dozens of jobs each day, attending meetups and networking events, participating in career fairs, calling my connections, and so[Read more]