8 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands to Try For Yourself

  Did you know that 80% of countries, including the US, still allow animals to be used for cosmetic testing? After I read multiple animal testing articles, this blog post from Cruelty Free Kitty, and saw this infographic from Humane Society International, I was horrified. In today’s day and age, animal testing for cosmetics isn’t necessary; other much more humane and cost-effective ways exist to test products. Knowing that, I made a commitment to myself that moving forward, I will exclusively buy[Read more]

The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick | A Product Review

Good morning, ya’ll! Within the past few months, I’ve become more invested in finding beauty/skin/haircare products from cruelty-free brands (companies that do not animal test). Surprisingly, it’s harder than you might imagine! A friend referred me to a website, Cruelty Free Kitty, which is dedicated to cruelty-free beauty/skin/haircare brands, and I’ve bookmarked it for easy access. Today, I’m pumped to share with you one of my first cruelty-free beauty product finds, and that’s theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick. I was[Read more]

5 Amazing Hair Products for Thick-Maned Gals to Try Right Now

It’s just hair, right? NO, the answer is no. It’s not just hair – a person’s hair can be their signature for a lifetime, or a way that they transform their image time and time again. For example, I’ve known dozens of people who change their hairstyle before or after a major life event happens (a post-breakup new ‘do = a new life, sound familiar?!).  For those of us “blessed” with a lion’s mane of hair, I’m going to share[Read more]

Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask | A Product Review

Every once in awhile, I succumb to the cult-like following of certain brands. Lush Cosmetics has officially did me in – I’m obsessed. And you know what? With all-natural, handmade beauty products that are created from small-scale, ethical suppliers, I don’t feel bad about it, either.  I’ve been using Lush face masks for about a year now, and I think it’s time to do a deep-dive into the face mask I love the most: Cup O’ Coffee. Let’s sip while[Read more]

HSI Professional Salon Model Flat Iron | A Product Review

Any wavy hair or Curly Sue readers out there? Although I didn’t have any hair until I turned 2, boy did it grow in and compensate for those years of lost time. So many times, I have been told that I have a horse’s mane. The composition of my hair is so weird. I say that it has 2 “layers” – a top “thin” layer that is stick-straight, while the rest, or the “bottom” layer, is super wavy. I’m talkin’[Read more]

Desert Essence Natural Deodorant | A Product Review

We are halfway through this week, ya’ll! Today I have a serious question for you. What’s in your deodorant? How does that stuff make you less stinky – do you know? If you’re using a deodorant from a common brand that you can find at any store, chances are that it’s the aluminum compounds that are plugging your sweat ducts to stop the flow of sweat. Great, right? Sure, you don’t stink (and nobody wants to stink!), but what happens[Read more]

My Daily Skincare Routine

I grew up watching my mom use Noxema and Seabreeze astringent to wash her face. I remember the first time I washed my face with Noxema while in middle school and thinking to myself, “Omigod, this burns!!!” and racing to wash it off as fast as I could. After a sweaty cheerleading or tennis practice, I would use those Oxy brand alcohol-infused pads to clean my face. My beauty regime back then wasn’t very elaborate. Now and again, one of[Read more]