3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Side Hustle

  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard the term “side hustle”…let’s just say I’d be pretty happy! Nowadays, everyone is talking about side hustles. A side hustle is exactly what it sounds like – something you do on the side to make additional income. I hear about side hustles all the time, and many people work their tails off to try and turn their side hustle into their full-time gig. For us “corporate America” folks, though, I[Read more]

3 Ways to Set Boundaries When You’re a Workaholic

  Raise your hand if you have fallen into the FILO or “first in, last out” workday(s) pattern? I’m guilty of this much more than I’d like to admit. After reading this Boston Globe article on how work-obsessed millennials are, I was laughing out loud because everything I read rang so true: I check my email a dozen times when I get home from work/when I wake up, requesting vacation time is a struggle because there never seems to be[Read more]

3 Ways To Play Off Not Remembering Someone’s Name

Raise your hand if you’re someone who interacts with a lot of people in your career and professional life and find it exceptionally challenging to remember people’s names. Yeah, I’m right there with you. For me, it’s ironic because I was a middle school teacher for four years, so I had to learn a TON of names (I taught 95 kids a day!). Nowadays, I’m meeting new people through work what feels like every other day, and I have the[Read more]

3 Spotify Playlists to Listen to While You Work

Hey, hey, hey – happy Monday! Hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter weekend. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I hosted Easter brunch at our place with four of our friends, and then he surprised everyone with an adult (and one dog included) Easter egg hunt! It was so much fun. Afterwards, we drove to Bear Mountain in New York and hiked the lake trail; it was the most gorgeous afternoon, absolutely perfect weather to be outside. We were soo hungry after[Read more]

Four Go-To Career Websites for Female Millennials

Any other career and advice binge-readers in here besides me? What can I say, I love reading about my generation’s disruptions in the workplace (i.e. most millennials prefer to wear headphones while working and not all managers get that). Whether you’re looking for advice on how to have a difficult conversation with a colleague or you’d like some insight into how to negotiate a pay raise for the first time, many great resources are out there to help you develop[Read more]

5 Tips to Help You Get Acclimated to Your New Workplace

Happy, happy new year! I am really pumped for 2017 and what this year is going to bring. As many of you know, over the summer I was laid off and was unemployed for a few months. Well, I have been working in my new role for 8 weeks now (it’s gone by so fast!), and I wanted to share a few tips to help those of you starting or about to start new jobs with acclimating to your new[Read more]

Quick Guide: How to Negotiate Your Next Job Offer

You’ve done it! After submitting hundreds of resumes, participating in dozens of phone screenings, and a handful of in-person interviews, you (finally!) got a job offer. Cheers to you! Before we get ourselves too deep into party mode, however, let’s discuss job offer negotiation. You may not, I repeat, you may NOT accept the initial job offer that you get, and here’s why. Why You Need to Negotiate Your Job Offer Negotiating a job offer is incredibly important for so[Read more]

How To Network In-Person Like a Pro

Networking is dead. Said no one ever. My first job at Dairy Queen – I got it because my sister worked there before me and did a great job. My second job at JC Penney – I got it because my older friend worked there and put in a good word for me. My third job as a student assistant in the Dean’s office – I got it because I was a part of the scholarship program that the Dean[Read more]