The 6 Biggest Lessons I Learned During My First Year Blogging

    Good morning, good morning! Sunday, I got a notification that it was my WordPress anniversary (I didn’t know I’d get a notification for that but was so happy seeing it!). See, when I started my blog a year ago, I was in a much different place than where I’m at today. I’m so incredibly PROUD of what I’ve done with Making it Millennial. This is my 92nd blog post! I started this blog with the mission of empowering[Read more]

How To Backup And Restore Your Self-Hosted WordPress Website

Today I’m writing a post to hopefully save new bloggers like me MANY HOURS of anxiety and frustration. See, late on Tuesday night, I unknowingly made a HUGE mistake and deleted most of my image files from the media library of my blog (long story short, I didn’t realize that you had to keep all of your media files in order for them to still appear in blog posts – now I know, you do!). Having had an extra busy[Read more]

Four Steps to Decide What to Write About On Your Blog & When

It’s been awhile, ya’ll! As some of you may know, February is my birthday month, and I celebrated my birthday last weekend. With that and hosting my first EdTech meetup, I have been a busy bee and haven’t written in over a week. Butttttt, I’m back now How many of you ever wonder how on earth to decide what to write about on your blog? That was me before I started my blog, and even after I started it. Over[Read more]

3 Free Online Tools to Help You Plan & Organize Blog Posts

I remember reading once that being organized isn’t about perfection, rather it’s about efficiency and minimizing stress, and I couldn’t agree more with that way of thinking. For those of you not familiar with blogging, you may think that blogging is just typing up a post and hitting “publish,” however, there’s so much more to creating content and a blog than just that. Today I’m going to share some of my go-to online tools that help me be organized and[Read more]

52 Totally Free Websites For Stock Photos

You’ve spent hours doing research and writing your upcoming blog posts. Of course, when your initial drafts are done, you need to spice up the content by adding some visuals. In today’s digital age, we all know that a picture is seriously worth at least a thousand words, but we have to pick just the right image to convey exactly what we want our readers to feel when reading our posts.  There are SO MANY websites that have great stock[Read more]

5 Tips to Help You Plan Your First Blog

So you want to start a blog? I have to admit, it crossed my mind about a million times before I actually started mine, and I’m so glad that I finally did. Blogging has so many benefits. For me, it’s a creative outlet to share tips, recipes, strategies, and goals for growing personally and professionally. Blogging has also helped me build my self-confidence as a writer and as a creator of content. When I was dreaming of starting a blog,[Read more]