Baked Eggs in Bell Pepper Cups Recipe


When did it become the official last day of summer?! Can’t get over how fast this year has gone by! I can’t say I’m upset, though, about the first day of fall. I loveee the changing leaves, leggings and boots season, and all the delicious food that comes with colder weather.

Speaking of delicious food. Guyyys. I have to share with you this great new recipe I tried about a week ago. I’m trying my best to eat more veggies in the morning (as well as all the time, in general). I’m about to do a Whole 30 reset in October (right before the holidays!) and am trying to gradually get rid of stuff I can’t eat during Whole 30 (ie all the breakfast goodies).

Luckily I tried this baked eggs in bell pepper cups recipe, and it’s on point. Decide for yourselves!

Now how delicious AND nutritious is this?! You just can’t get a better morning breakfast than this right here (okay, maybe you can?! but share your insights with me then!).

Can’t wait for you to try this one. Make sure to tag @makingitmillennial in your Instagram posts!