Hi there! I am Marah Elizabeth, and I am so happy that you’re here! I’m a small town, Illinois native now living with my boyfriend across the river from New York City. Obsessed with personal development and lifestyle design, my attention has always gravitated towards figuring out how to live my best life.


I started Making it Millennial in July 2016 after being laid off from my full-time job in program management at a start-up education nonprofit. Although a huge ego crusher, I hadn’t been truly happy in my role and chalk it up to fate taking over. I had been dreaming of starting a blog about my love of twenty-something lifestyle and personal development for ages and felt like it was the perfect time to do so. I’m excited to start being more of a creator and not just a consumer of content.

On my blog, I share my own life experiences and resources for growing personally and professionally with the intention to encourage and empower other female millennials to improve their own lives through intentional reflection and life experimentation.


  • podcasts + audiobooks (anything personal growth + entrepreneurship focused)
  • quotes on quotes on quotes (half of my IG is quotes!), mostly from badass, wise women
  • delicious treats (I tell myself that I prefer the healthy-ish treats, but in reality, I love allll treats!)
  • group fitness classes (spin, barre, and yoga)
  • spotify (any of the “focus” or “indie” stations get played a lot up in here)
  • traveling! I studied abroad in Italy and visited 12 countries in Europe 
  • learning to knit (just began over Thanksgiving break 2017 and am enjoying it so much)
  • etsy (the DIY projects on here, oh my! #goals I actually have an Etsy wall art printable shop, myself)
  • waking up early and getting a ton done before my boyfriend is even out of bed
  • baths (although I don’t have a soaking tub now, one day I will!)
  • cruelty-free beauty + skin + hair products


Catch up with my day-to-day lifestyle and personal development tips on my socials:

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