6 Telling Interview Questions to Assess if a Role is a Good Fit for You

Let’s set the stage: you’re in the process of job searching and have an in-person interview coming up. Now, everyone knows that they need to prep some answers to the most commonly asked interview questions, but what a lot of us forget about is OUR TURN to ask questions during the interview.

Having a list of questions prepared to ask not only shows that you’re interested in the role, but it will solidify if this role is the right fit for you. Now, don’t go asking any old question – you have to ask the right kinds of questions – ones that you can’t get the answers by doing a quick Google search. Here are my go-to interview questions below:

1. Why is this role available?

Did the person who previously had this role earn a promotion? Relocate? Up and quit? Or is this a newly created position due to growth? It’s important to learn WHY the role is open, which will earn you a peek inside the state of the company.

2. What are the top 3 skills needed to excel in this role?

This is such an important question to ask – it will personally help you determine if you’re the right fit for the particular role that you’re interviewing for or not.  After I ask this question, I always follow-up right then with 1-2 examples of how I have exemplified the skills that the interviewer highlighted. Similarly, if you’re already great at 2 out of the 3 skills mentioned, then I would also speak truthfully about how that one skill that I’m not the best at yet is an area that I’d be excited to learn and grow into.

3. What kind of training or professional development is available?

Does this employer provide any structured training/mentorship or are you going to be thrown out to the wolves and have to figure it out on your own? Larger companies often assign a training buddy or mentor, while smaller companies (which can lack resources) may have you “learn by doing,” or figuring things out as you go. It’s important to know your comfort levels with both scenarios and which option you prefer.

4. How will I be evaluated?

No one likes being surprised when it comes to performance evaluations. How often, what processes/metrics are used, who does the evaluations, what are the opportunities for growing your salary – these are important details to learn and shows that you’re performance driven.

5. What is the typical career path for someone in this role?

Companies spend a lot of money and time finding new talent. Asking about a typical career path is smart because it shows that you’re really interested in the possibility of spending a considerable amount of time working for the company, which could save the company resources in the long-term. 

6. Why do you come to work here every day?

Personally, I LOVE asking this as my last question, as it allows the interviewer to express why they stay at the company and often highlights the companies values, culture, and mission. People also love talking more freely than the typical stuffy interview Q&A, and I’ve found that this is wrap-up question makes people feel like the interview has come to a natural conclusion.

Those are the questions I use to assess the fit of a role with what I’m looking for. What are your go-to interview questions that help you evaluate if a company/role is the right fit? Share in the comments below!

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