6 Fall Fashion Staples in My Closet Right Now


Although spring has always been my favorite season – with all the flowers blooming, days getting longer, and thunderstorms (I love them!) – you just can’t beat fall fashion. I always look forward to lots of layers, dark fabrics, and textures for days. Here’s a list of my go-to fall staple pieces that I’m currently obsessing over.



After Labor Day, I seriously count down the days until I’ll be able to pull on my little black leather jacket (see what I did there?). I don’t know what it is, but once I get wrapped up in that blanket of black leather, my alter-ego comes knocking on my door. She’s assertive, charming, and lot more spontaneous than me. And her name is marrawrrrr. Go find yourself the perfect lblj and potentially score the makings of a new alter ego, too. 

2. Velvet Everything

This pretty, smooth-to-the-touch fabric that evokes luxury isn’t just for drapes and upholstered furniture. No, no, no! This season is all about velvet, and I am all about the velvet accessories – scarves, handbags, even velvet chokers. Who said 90s fashion wasn’t going to make a comeback?

3. Beanies, Baby!

I consider myself hat-conscious, aka there’s not too many styles of hats this girl is gonna rock (mainly due to my big head) – basically just the classic beach hat and beanies. As the days get shorter and it gets chillier and chillier outside, beanies are a serious staple in my fall wardrobe. I prefer the chunky, cable knit ones that keep my ears warm.

Side note: Sometimes I find myself perusing Etsy for excessive amounts of time just adding dozens of beanies (and other random items) to my Amazon wish list. It’s not just me, right?

4. Flannel Life

I haven’t met one person that looks bad in a flannel shirt. Seriously, I’m obsessed. Wearing my grandpa’s flannel that’s slightly oversized for me with the sleeves slightly rolled up with my thick Express leggings and knit booties is what my fall style dreams are made of. Find a plaid that you like and get yourself one. 

5. Wedge Booties

Being 5’3, I typically don’t think of being short as a handicap unless my favorite jar of almond butter or bakeware is far out of reach on the top shelf. Luckily, I can run upstairs and slide into my favorite wedged booties and can come back down into the kitchen and reach the top shelves with much less struggle (I don’t know why, but I hate climbing on the kitchen table chairs. I just hate it.).

6. Liquid Leggings

Approximately 50 percent of my closet is black clothing with little speckles of other neutral colors in between. During fall, I get really excited about pulling out and dusting off my black liquid leggings from storage for a night out with girlfriends or a romantic date night (cue marrawrrrr’s return). This year, I’d like to get my hands on a pair of maroon ones.

That’s my 6 fall fashion staples that I’m loving right now! What are your fall staple pieces? What am I missing out on? Share in the comments below. 

  • Amanda

    Love all these! Have almost all these EXCEPT the flannel! I feel like I am the one that flannel doesn’t look good on but my search continues! LOL

    • I hear you! For me, it’s all about accessorizing the flannel – wearing a chunky knit scarf and a beanie or even layering a cardigan on top of the flannel to make it a “put together casual” look. You can also wear an all black outfit and wear your flannel open over it for a chic look…do you like vests? Because flannels also look great paired with skinny jeans and a vest. As you can see – I’m obsessed with flannels. 🙂