5 Ways to Mix Feminine and Masculine Design Styles When Moving in Together


Moving in with your significant other is such a HUGE step in any relationship. Personally, I love the frills, velour, and florals of a girly bachelorette pad. When I was getting ready to move in with my boyfriend back in April of 2015 I was soo nervous. I had never lived with a guy before. What should I bring? How should we decorate? I asked myself a ton of questions. If you’re getting ready to take the scary/exciting leap into domestic partnership with your significant other, I have 5 strategies to share with you that worked for me:

Maximize your space

Before you bring all 35 boxes of clothes, wall decor, and random crap to your new place, think about your new home’s square footage and layout. Where are you going to physically put everything? You don’t want your partner to feel like they only have five feet in the corner to stash their stuff (or vice versa). Decide on the very essentials you want in your new place and sell, store the rest, or donate the rest.

On a side note, purging my belongings before moving in with my boyfriend was quite therapeutic – I really enjoyed selling and donating my unused and unwanted stuff. Hey, one girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure!


Decide on a color palette

What are your favorite design colors? How do they compare to your partner’s? Decide on a color scheme with 3-4 colors that will run throughout your home. My boyfriend and I really like neutral color palettes and chose black, white, gray, and tan for our entire apartment with a pop of red in the kitchen.


Mix feminine and masculine pieces

Having both feminine and masculine pieces in your home is essential when living together. Can’t imagine getting rid of your set of floral throw pillows? Pair them with a more masculine pattern like stripes or a solid neutral color. What about your bedroom? Balance flirty, romantic bedding with a more masculine bed frame (I’m thinking a reclaimed wood or leather headboard) or vice versa.


Display both of your interests within a gallery wall

I think every home should have a gallery wall in the living room of things and places you love in lieu of all the people that you love (I like hanging just a few family photos in interesting passer-by places like hallways – it makes it feel more like an art gallery to me!). This is the most flexible and fun part of decorating your new place! What do you love? For me, I love animals, patterns, reclaimed wood, landscape photography, and quotes. My boyfriend also really likes animals and reclaimed wood, so after we moved in together I took about 2 weeks to print out a bunch of free printables that I had gathered over the years and played around with the gallery wall arrangement until we both agreed that it looked great. PS: I’m a printable fanatic, and you can check out one of my favorite places to get free ones here.


Have plants in your home

The power of plants. Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers, succulents, or an herb garden – plants liven up your space in such a welcoming way. I buy a $5 bouquet of flowers almost every Saturday that stays on our coffee table all week long. An Added Perk: Not only do plants serve as great home decor, but they also purify the air, add oxygen to a room, and lower stress levels. #yasss

How did you solve the moving in together home design puzzle? What was the most helpful advice you used? Share with us in the comments below.