4 Mouthwatering Food Bloggers To Go Stalk Right Now


Are you someone who loves following healthy food bloggers online – through reading their blogs, buying their cookbooks, following them on Instagram and Snapchat, and basically becoming wannabe best friends with them?! Welcome to my life. Today I’m going to share some female food blogger inspiration – who actually offer so much more than just food inspo – and will most certainly drive you down this wannabe BFF rabbit hole with me (if you’re not already obsessed with them!). Of course, it’s terribly hard to choose just a handful of bloggers to highlight, so I’ll be sure to write  more of these kinds of posts in the future!

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juli-bauer-headshotOnce called the Chelsea Handler of Paleo, Juli Bauer is the creator of paleOMG. Juli lives in Denver (I’ll be back there someday!) and has the cutest french bulldog, Jackson. She is so clearly obsessed with him – he’s in her blog headshot and every single Snapchat story she’s ever posted has this lil guy in there. She’s definitely #smitten

Juli is super fit – it’s been amazing to see her fitness transformation over the past few years. She is an avid CrossFitter and definitely has a sweet tooth (even if it’s a Paleo one, I feel you!).


When Juli started her blog, paleOMG was strictly a Paleo recipe blog. Fun fact: it currently has over 650 – yes, 650! simple and delicious paleo recipes. Over time, Juli has diversified the blog into a place where she shares both her recipes and lifestyle (think fashion, beauty, decor). 


Website: www.paleomg.com / Instagram: @paleomg / Snapchat: paleomg


Why do I love paleOMG so much? Because of Juli’s personality. Guys, I am not exaggerating when I say that she is hilarious. I love how she has no filter and speaks her mind on both her blog and social media channels. She actually reminds me of my sister – sassy, no filter, and dog lover extraordinaire. Of course, she’s crazy talented in the kitchen as well as ridiculously fit, and I look up to and respect her so much for all the work she’s put into her blog and having made it her career. If you haven’t already, you must, must, must add her as a friend on Snapchat and be prepared to laugh out loud at how funny she is.


Juli currently has 3 cookbooks published. My absolute favorite recipe that she’s ever shared is the buffalo chicken casserole from Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook: Over 100 Gluten-Free Recipes to Help You Shine from Within. Make it and not fall in love, I dare you. Here are all 3 of her cookbooks:


Fed & Fit


cassy-joy-garcia-headshotCassie Joy Garcia is the friendly face of Fed&Fit. In her early twenties, Cassie Joy experienced severe joint pain, mental fog, fatigue, and weight gain. She turned to nutrition research to help herself out of the mess she was in, and within a year she lost 10 dress sizes, lived pain-free, and experienced the most energy that she’s ever had.

Cassie Joy started the fed + fit blog in 2011 to share her healthy living secrets with the world. Similar to Juli, Cassy Joy also has a furbaby, Gus, the official fearless mascot of fed + fit. Looking for a grain-free dog treat recipe? Cassy Joy’s got your back


On her blog, Cassie Joy not only has delicious (and gorgeous) Paleo recipes, but she also goes into great detail about another one of her other passions – safer beauty. As someone who is interested in learning more about toxic ingredients used in beauty products and what brands avoid them, I really appreciate her in-depth posts about this topic. If you’re putting healthy, whole foods into your body, isn’t it important to consider what the ingredients are of the beauty products you are using on your body? I think yes.


Website: www.fedandfit.com / Instagram: fedandfit / Snapchat: fedandfit


I find a lot of value from what Cassie Joy shares not only on her blog but also on her podcast, fed + fit with Cassy Joy. She interviews experts, mentors, and friends in the entrepreneur and Paleo industries and shares her own 2 cents on everything she highlights. She has such a nice, warm demeanor. I feel like we could get along really well together. 




The Fed & Fit cookbook is jam-packed with over 175 gluten-free and paleo recipes along with a 28-day food and fitness plan (meal preparation guides, practical application tools, and expert techniques and fitness recommendations from Juli Bauer). 




Ali Muffaci is the founder of inspiralized. From an Italian-American family, Ali grew up loving food (and rightfully so). Her diabetic mother introduced her to spiralized zucchini noodles, and she “borrowed” her mom’s spiralizer in March 2013 to make a spiralized meal for herself. After that, the rest is history.  Spiralized veggies completely changed Ali’s life. Just a few months later, Ali quit her corporate job in New York City and dedicated her time to developing her blog and brand, Inspiralized.


Ali writes a daily food blog featuring spiralized recipes (vegetables turned into noodles). She also publishes cooking videos on youtube and shares her daily life experiences on Snapchat. Ali has a separate lifestyle blog, Alissandra B that I love to follow. My favorite part of her personal blog is how she talks about fitness for large-chested ladies (ahem, moi aussi) and suggests products that work well for her.


Websites: www.inspiralized.com & www.alissandrab.com / Instagram: inspiralized / Snapchat: inspiralized 


Ali makes cooking Ali makes cooking so much fun with her creative spins on traditional recipes. She also lives just a few miles south of me (in Jersey City, NJ), and I love seeing her posts about being around at Farmers Markets and visiting places that I enjoy going to, too. She even Snapchatted me back one day (gasp! haha). As a newlywed, she’s always sharing cute and funny photos and videos of her and her husband, Lu. “They’re babin’ around,” I say to m



The Inspiralizer: Official vegetable spiralizer of Inspiralized 

Inspiralized: Turn Vegetables into Healthy, Creative, Satisfying Meals

Inspiralize Everything: An Apples-to-Zucchini Encyclopedia of Spiralizing

I own both of Ali’s cookbooks and have loved every single recipe I have made from them! I highly recommend you check them out. 

Stupid Easy Paleo



Steph Gaudreau: previous high school biology teacher, holistic nutritionist, and coach is the owner of Stupid Easy Paleo. She lives in San Diego with her husband and cat (#catladytribe). She’s a fitness junkie with multiple coaching certifications and CrossFit competitions under her belt. Finding the Paleo lifestyle has changed Steph’s health, performance as an athlete, and her life. She’s on a mission to help people just. eat. real. food.


On her blog, Steph shares simple, tasty paleo creations that are unbelievably satisfying. She utilizes her in-depth knowledge of food and nutrition to deliver the most amazing recipes (not to mention she’s also a great food photographer, too). Steph is also the voice behind Harder to Kill Radio, her very own podcast. Here, she interviews experts in fitness, nutrition, and mindsets about how to build “unbreakable” humans. This past year, she organized and hosted the first Women’s Strength Summit, an online physical, mental, and emotional strength conference with over 30 female expert speakers (you go, girl). 


Website: www.stupideasypaleo.com & www.stephgaudrea.com / Instagram: stupideasypaleo


I just love Steph! She has a very down-to-earth writing voice, she shares clear and helpful information about what to eat and why, gives me motivation and a virtual kick in the pants when I need it most, and fuels my #girlpowr endorphins. 


The Performance Paleo Cookbook: Recipes for Training Harder, Getting Stronger and Gaining the Competitive Edge

The Paleo Athlete: A Beginner’s Guide to Real Food for Performance (Kindle eBook)

30-Minute Stupid-Easy Paleo Dinners (eBook)

You must go and stalk these food bloggers right away! They offer so much more knowledge and advice than just food inspo. These four ladies have done more than I can say to guide me on my health and fitness journey. I have great respect for each and every one of them, and would probably die a little inside if I ever got the chance to meet them someday. #fangirl

What food bloggers are you obsessed with? I must know – share in the comments below.