3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Side Hustle

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard the term “side hustle”…let’s just say I’d be pretty happy! Nowadays, everyone is talking about side hustles. A side hustle is exactly what it sounds like – something you do on the side to make additional income. I hear about side hustles all the time, and many people work their tails off to try and turn their side hustle into their full-time gig. For us “corporate America” folks, though, I do think there are TONS of benefits to having a side hustle. If you haven’t ever considered using some of your free time to earn some extra cash, here’s 3 reasons to start thinking about it now.


Starting with the obvious reason first – cash money. Most people start a side hustle to bring in some supplemental $$. Whether it’s paying down credit card debt/student loans or saving for a vacation/down payment on a property,  we could always use a few extra dollars in the bank.
I suggest keeping your side hustle money separate from the rest of your accounts. Why? Because it will help you keep track of the additional income you’ve brought in without having to sift through your normal checking/savings accounts. 
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2. Develop Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

It’s called a hustle for a reason. When you first get started with a side hustle, most people are starting from zero and have to work their way up. A side hustle is going to help you start thinking like an entrepreneur.
First and foremost, you’ll flex your opportunity recognition muscles. What exactly does that mean? Figure what people need and want, and use your personal skillset to deliver! When you do this, it also flexes your creativity and innovation skills, which I’ve heard a lot of people find most rewarding when doing side hustle work. Another staple of an entrepreneurial mindset is getting more comfortable with taking risks (one of the key factors of being a true entrepreneur is starting a business while taking on greater than normal risk). What does taking risks look like? It could mean putting yourself out there and pitching your side hustle to a friend or an acquaintance who you think could benefit from your product/service. It could also mean actually charging what you’re worth, which is hard for a lot of people to do when they’re first starting out. Lastly, it could also mean investing some of your own personal money in your side hustle to get started. For example, if you crochet and decide that you want to start selling your products, then you may have to invest some of your own money in creating a website or placing ads to promote your product on Etsy. 

3. Build Your Resume

Nowadays, corporate America is searching for intrapreneurs, or people within a company that promote innovative thinking (i.e. product development, new initiatives, marketing campaigns, etc.). Having a side hustle that utilizes skills that relate to a role that you’re pursuing is a great way to grab an HR manager’s attention – put it as experience on your resume! Make sure to highlight the transferable skills from your side hustle to the role you’re interested in.
For example, let’s say that you sell products on Etsy and you’re interested in a marketing coordinator role. Tie your work with advertising your products, managing social media platforms, and personal selling strategies that you use for your Etsy business directly to the skills needed for the marketing coordinator role. 
There are SO MANY REASONS why you should consider starting a side hustle, these are just a few important reasons why I started my own.
Soon, I’ll be publishing another post with a list of great side hustles to check out, but for now, you can check out one of my go-to bloggers for side-hustle ideas, Kristen Larson at Believe in a Budget
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