11 Ways to Stay Close With Your Long-Distance Best Friend


Moving away from your best friend/partner-in-crime/sister-from-another-mister is one of those heart-wrenching moments in life when you don’t know how your life will ever be the same. Well, the truth is, it won’t be. BUT, the good news is that you can make the transition less terrible and create a new normal for the two of you by staying in touch with each other often.

I’ve been fortunate enough to make best friends from my adolescence, college days, and in my professional life, and I’ve moved away from ALL of my best friends, believe it or not. Here are 11 strategies I use to stay thick as thieves with my best frannns!


1. G-chat with Her at Work

At the beginning of the work day, send your bestie a quick instant message – say hi and tell her that you hope she has a good day, then share a little piece of a story that you want to tell her the full deets on later when you have more time to chat (hook, line, and sinker). 


2. Catch Up During Your Commute Home

That long commute home that you have every day? Put it to good use by keeping tabs on your bestie. Give her a ring and chit chat about all the little things that have been going on and share any significant news or events that have popped up.


3. Bitmoji How Your Day is Going to Her

Sometimes, no words are necessary. Get your story across to your bestie by only sending her a series of Bitmojis. She’ll get it and send you back her own Bitmoji story, I promise. 

Fun Fact: I literally had one of my besties create my Bitmoji because I was taking too much time and effort into making it look just like me. What are best friends for?!


4. Video Chat Often

Seeing your best friend’s face is only second-best to seeing her in person. Video chat with her in your pajamas, while you’re waiting for your dinner to be ready, while you’re washing your face, or for no other good reason – share those insignificant, mundane moments with her like you used to. 


5. Text When Something Random Reminds You of Her

Did you just turn on the radio and hear your bestie’s theme song blasting? Or are you eating somewhere that you just know she would absolutely love? Send her a quick text with all the hashtags and emojis your heart desires, and let her know you’re thinking of her. She’ll smile at her phone, I swear.


6. Watch the Same Show at the Same Time Together

This is a fun one. Discuss a night where you both can stay in and pick a show or movie to “watch” together. Share your thoughts and predictions about what’s happening via text or video chat while you’re watching. 


7. Reach Out When You Need To Confide in Someone

Let your bestie know that you’re having a moment and need someone that you can trust to talk to. Everyone has been there, and we all know how important it is to have that person to vent, brainstorm ideas, or give us a different perspective on a situation. She’ll feel really valued and will  need the same favor one day, too.


8. Tag Her in Funny Shit

Thank you baby Jesus for vines, memes, and all of the other hilarious content that gets published on the internet. Tag your best friend with your favorites and share a laugh together the next time you talk.


9. Send Her Snail Mail!

Oh, the joys of getting real physical mail in your mailbox (it’s such a rarity these days!). No doubt, your bestie will appreciate a perfectly chosen birthday card or spontaneous care package with a few of her favorite things 10 times more than you think she will. 


10. Share Your New Favorites With Her

We all know that over time, people change. Make your bestie feel like she hasn’t missed a beat in your far-away life by sharing your new favorite things with her – podcasts, music playlists, wines – tell her about all the new things you’re falling in love with.


11. Visit At Least Once a Year

You know that you’re best friends when 6 months or a year can pass by without seeing each other and the moment you reunite it’s like no time has passed at all. These friendships are few and far between, and you MUST prioritize seeing each other and making new memories (and laughing about old ones) to help keep your friendship and heart full. Regardless of distance, try your very best to see each other at least once a year. Perhaps you go visit your bestie in her new home city for a long weekend or she comes to see you. If going to one another’s city is too pricey, choose a more affordable city in the middle or one that has a cheap flight deal for both of you, and have a blast exploring a new place together. These experiences with your best friend are truly invaluable and should be cherished like the last jar of peanut butter you had while studying abroad in Italy. 

Don’t you love how technology makes it so easy to connect with your loved ones near and far? You have a bunch of fresh ideas for connecting with you best friend, now go out there and share some quality time with her like you know you want to. What other ways do you stay close with your long-distance friends? Share in the comments below.