100 Life Goals For The Next 10 Years

100 Life Goals in 10 Years blog post
Image by Creative Clementine

I recently experienced a huge life change (getting laid off from my full-time job), I felt like it was important to take a step back and evaluate my life. Who am I? What am I doing? What do I want to be doing with my life? How do I get there?

All of these questions led me to create a list of 100 life goals I’d like to accomplish in the next 10 years. Some of these goals will be small milestones for me, but I will be so happy when I reach them. Others will be much harder to achieve and will take a lot of grit and determination, but I am determined to try my best to reach them all by August 20, 2026. (Whoaa, 2026?!)


  1. Become proficient in Spanish.
  2. Develop my green thumb.
  3. Master blogging for business.
  4. Learn and execute a strong online marketing strategy.
  5. Learn graphic design.
  6. Learn how to illustrate images.
  7. Become a good public speaker and storyteller.
  8. Become a proficient photographer.
  9. Learn how to code.
  10. Train a dog.
  11. Learn how to crochet.
  12. Learn how to make necklaces.
  13. Enroll and finish a creative writing course.
  14. Find my perfect karaoke song and perform it.
  15. Learn how to cook authentic Asian food.


  1. Start a blog.
  2. Write a blog post that goes viral.
  3. Read The 4 Hour Work Week.
  4. Read Lean In.
  5. Join and contribute to an online blogging forum.
  6. Attend a big blogging event with thought leader keynotes.
  7. Write a guest post on The Everygirl.
  8. Be featured on multiple media channels.
  9. Create my own LLC.
  10. Manage a team of people (at least 3).
  11. Create an ebook.
  12. Attend a women’s entrepreneur conference.
  13. Publish multiple online courses.
  14. Become a freelance graphic designer.
  15. Start an Etsy shop for graphic design.

Physical & Mental

  1. Stop drinking alcohol for one year.
  2. Be a vegetarian for one month.
  3. Find the workout routine that’s best for me.
  4. Say a prayer every day.
  5. Positively self-talk every day.
  6. Embrace silliness.
  7. Complete a self-defense class.
  8. Learn how to box.
  9. Try a Cross-fit class.


  1. Finish a happiness project.
  2. Go white water rafting in Costa Rica.
  3. Rescue a dog.
  4. Buy a house.
  5. Do a photo shoot.
  6. Plan and host an event (baby shower, bachelorette, etc).
  7. Take couple’s dance lessons.
  8. Perform a dance routine in front of an audience.
  9. Have an all-day spa day with mud bath treatment.
  10. Be in the labor room when a loved one gives birth.
  11. Ride a horse.
  12. Camp and sleep in a tent.
  13. Enter a competition (any kind!).
  14. Start a home garden.
  15. Attend 5 performing arts events (The Book of Mormon, Hamilton, Cats, Lion King, etc.)


  1. Hike to Multnomah Falls in Oregon.
  2. Visit Watkins Glen State Park in the Finger lakes of upstate New York.
  3. Spend a weekend in the Hamptons.
  4. Vacation in Hawaii.
  5. Experience the Northern Lights.
  6. Hike Machu Picchu in Peru.
  7. Drink wine in Santorini, Greece.
  8. Visit the tulip gardens in Holland.
  9. See the Mendenhall Glacier Caves in Alaska.
  10. Go to Jacob’s Well, an hour outside of Austin, TX.
  11. Get into the waterfall at Havasu Falls at Havasupai Indian Reservation in Arizona.
  12. Go to Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho to picnic and watch a sunset.
  13. Visit Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the largest salt plant in the world with reflective characteristics.
  14. Explore Southeast Asia and the island of Bali.
  15. Travel to Patagonia in Argentina.


  1. Start each day with a warm greeting and farewell (kiss or hug).
  2. Foster a culture of listening to one another.
  3. Marry my best friend.
  4. Become a godmother.
  5. Plan and host an occasion for both sides of the family to come together (besides a wedding).
  6. Build close relationships with friends who become family.
  7. Complete a creative project with my sister.
  8. Provide my parents with a nice home renovation.


  1. Pay off all student loan debt from grad. school (approx. $15,000).
  2. Have a positive net worth.
  3. Have a credit score of at least 780.
  4. Invest in a start-up company.
  5. Create multiple streams of income.
  6. Save 8 months of expenses in an Emergency Fund.
  7. Save $25,000.
  8. Save $50,000.
  9. Save $75,000.
  10. Save $100,000.
  11. Save $125,000.
  12. Save $150,000.
  13. Save $175,000.
  14. Save $200,000.
  15. Save $250,000.


  1. Donate money monthly to an organization helping with human rights.
  2. Volunteer at an animal rescue organization.
  3. Foster an animal until it finds a forever home.
  4. Sponsor a refugee child.
  5. Sponsor a family from a third world country.
  6. Mentor a female adolescent.
  7. Volunteer on a team at church.
  8. Periodically promote charitable giving to worthy causes through social media.

Omigoodness, I can’t believe I just wrote down 100 of my life goals!! Having this list has already motivated me to start tackling them (the power of writing something down!). What are some of your own life goals for the next 10 years? I’d love to hear in the comments below. 

  • Marouh

    I love this! It’s inspired me to make my own!

    • It was such a refreshing exercise, you should definitely make one! And let me know so I can read it! 🙂