10 Little Things I Love About My Sister

If you had told me 20 years ago that I would be sitting here today writing a list of 10 things that I love about my older sister (Meg is nearly 3 years older than me), I probably would have laughed in your face and would have asked if I could write a list of things I didn’t like about her. Growing up, Meg and I did NOT see eye to eye often. Sharing a room was quite the experience, let me tell ya. After Meg left for college was when we finally realized that having each other as sisters wasn’t so bad. By having our own space, we learned that we did enjoy each others company and have been extremely close ever since.
Today I’m so excited to share 10 little things that I love, love, love about Meg!

1. Meg is obsessed with rescues.

My sister would take in every single rescue dog in the world if she could. She rescued Charlie, her beagle and has been sharing rescue posts nearly every week ever since. One of our friends even found her rescue fur baby because of a post that Meg shared on social media!

2. She loves fiercely. 

When Meg loves something/someone, she gives it her all, 100%, no questions asked, and I so respect her for that.

3. My sister exudes authenticity.

In a world where it can be hard to tell who’s genuine or not, Meg embraces who she is and just owns it. Like, she just shaved her entire head for the SECOND time ever and looks great!

4. Meg is incredibly giving.

My sister will send me little care packages when she knows I’m having a hard time, AND she writes me hand-written notes that I love and keep.

5. She has overcome a lot.

Meg knows how to persevere through health, personal, and professional obstacles/hardships come up. #gritty

6. My sister is the ULTIMATE consumer.

Haha, I’m laughing writing this, but it’s so true. Meg will try just about anything, and she will tell me these stories about what she got and how it’s supposed to work…I just crack up, but hey! She’s keeping the economy going.

7. We poke fun at our parents together.

This is not meant to be mean or negative – we have a hysterically funny momma, and we mostly just mimic what she does. 

8. Meg will try anything once.

She is such an open-minded person, I really value that about my sister (I’m more reserved myself). Skydiving? Let’s do it. Impromptu road trips? Done and done. She’s got that fun personality trait.

9. This girl can COOK.

Omigoodness, I’m sitting here drooling while thinking about her chicken enchiladas. and home cook chocolate chip cookies. and every single thing she makes. Make a cookbook already, sis.

10. She’s the only person who truly knows me as well as I know her.

We’ve shared our childhood, parents, holidays, memories, laughs, tears, ups, downs, and everything in-between, and I wouldn’t pick anyone else to share all of that with. 
What do you love about your sibling? I think it’s incredibly important to share and spread love these days. Write down a mini-list of 3 things you love about your brother/sister and share with us!
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    I’m soooo glad I checked my email and saw that you posted this this morning. I needed it today!! I love you!