10 Little Things I Love About My Boyfriend

Love. It’s such an interesting phenomenon, isn’t it? I’ve grown to know that love looks, feels, and sounds different for everyone, but deep down, we all crave it. 

I’ve always been so fascinated by learning intimate details about other people’s love stories: how they met, special rituals they do together, how they celebrate holidays – life experiences intrigue me, I guess. 

Today I’m going to do something I’ve never done. I’m going to publically share a few intimate details about why I love my boyfriend so much. Why am I doing this, you might wonder? Often, we get bogged down with day-to-day tasks and responsibilities, and that can lead to taking the person that you love and spend your life with for granted.  

Of course, if you know me, then ya’ll know that I love my boyfriend, but today I’m going to get specific about a few of the little things that I love most about him (there’s too many to count, so I’m highlighting only a handful!).  

10 Little Things I Love About My Boyfriend

  1. He has the most hilarious morning wake up routine in the game. I wake up before him, and when I get out of bed, Cesar always says, “Shut the wind off!” referring to the fan that I can’t sleep without (he gets really cold in the mornings). I laugh every single time he says that.
  2. When we don’t commute for work together, Cesar sends me off to work with a big hug and a kiss goodbye; when we do commute together, he does the same thing but at the subway station where we take different subway lines.
  3. When I have a bad day, Cesar will do anything in his power to cheer me up. He’ll show me funny videos, give me unlimited hugs, take me out to get fro-yo – anything to make me feel better. When we were dating long distance, he sent me my favorite sandwich after I got my very first driving ticket (I was soo mad, the cop had the ticket written before he even came to my window – no chance to talk my way out of it!). 
  4. Cesar has MOVES. Fun fact: he was a breakdance instructor at his mom’s dance studio for years. Cesar also competitively danced while growing up and can take over ANY dance floor. Let me tell you, there’s something about a guy who can bust a move…!
  5. He’s never met a stranger a day in his life. Cesar is one of the most likeable people I’ve ever met. He’s genuine, sincere, funny, and makes everybody feel like a somebody. He reminds me of my grandpa in that way (one of my favorite people in the entire world). 
  6. Chivalry isn’t dead with him. I almost always have fresh flowers on my coffee table thanks to my babe getting them for me each week.
  7. He knows how to compromise. I hate scary movies, and he hates rom coms. We usually decide on some kind of interesting documentary or comedy show to watch that we BOTH enjoy. 
  8. We’re both crazy animal lovers. Although we don’t have a pet ourselves, we do dog sit our friends’ dogs pretty often. We like to compete to see who can get the most cuddles (I think it really depends on the gender of the dog!). By the end of each dog’s stay, it often feels like we’re giving up a kidney giving the pup back. One day we’ll have our own! Another fun fact: we also like to squirrel watch out of our kitchen window.
  9. He likes to change it up. It’s easy to get too comfortable in the same old routine. Just yesterday, Cesar brought home supplies to make our very own pizza! We’ve never done that before, and I’m really looking forward to a fun date night tonight.
  10. Cesar is interested in my hobbies and what brings me joy. Guys, he reads my blog! It wouldn’t matter what my hobby was – Cesar would spend some time, no matter what it was, asking me about my interests and what I spend my free time doing. 

My boyfriend has no idea that I’m dedicating a blog post to the little things I love about him. I’m sure that he’ll be incredibly embarrassed, but I’m taking it upon myself to tell the world a few of the things that make my life with him so enjoyable. In all honesty, I never thought that I’d find a real, authentic love, one that could withstand hardships and still be there in the end. Fortunately me for, I proved myself wrong. Every day with Cesar is a beautiful reminder that this love can and does exist in my life.

Now it’s your turn to share! I’d love to hear a few of the little things that your SO does that you just love. Share in the comments below!

  • This is so cute! So nice to share what you love about your SO. I love reading about other people in love, makes me so happy

    • Thank you, Margaret! One of my favorite sayings is, “I LOVE love!” I just saw that you’re a senior at UofA – that’s my boyfriend’s alma mater! #beardown