Home Decor DIY Project: Above the Bed Wall Hanging

Happy Friday, loves. I am in such a good mood 1) because it’s Friyayyy, and 2) tomorrow Cesar and I are flying home to see my family for the entire week! I’m looking forward to so many things! We’ve been in our new apartment since October, and while we are physically “unpacked”, our apartment has been lacking in the “homey” arena. Last weekend, I found this simplistic DIY project on Pinterest and knew that Cesar would like the minimalist vibe it[Read more]

Learning About Shame from Brené Brown

It’s one of those days when I’ve just heard some of the most profound knowledge, and I feel like I’m jumping to share it because it’s that damn good. Back in October, I downloaded a bunch of audiobooks and podcast episodes to keep myself preoccupied during the long flights and bus rides throughout our vacation (note: if you haven’t already read my October goals post, it highlights the two audiobooks I finished and HIGHLY recommend you read/listen to!). Y’all know[Read more]

Recipe Review: Paleo Pumpkin Loaf from Rachl Mansfield

  Happy Friday! Nothing says Fall quite like a tasty pumpkin treat, am I right? The moment the temperature drops and fall hits, I’m in the mood to bake. I’ve been following a food blogger named Rachel Mansfield for a few months now, and she is always posting the most gorgeous, delicious-looking food I’ve ever seen, for real. Check her out on Insta at @rachlmansfield – you’ll be drooling over her photos in no time. This past Sunday, I finally[Read more]

10 Little Things I Love About My Momma

  Happy, happy Tuesday! I hope y’all are crushing this week so far. I’m so incredibly happy writing this post right now because it’s about my MOM, and today is her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMA! Love you so much. Do you remember that phase of life when you kind of couldn’t stand your mom? I don’t. For real, I’ve loved and pretty much been obsessed with my momma forever.    While there are literally a million reasons why I love[Read more]

What I Packed for a Fall Trip to Southern Spain

      Ever since I can remember, I’ve enjoyed traveling, longed for it even. Going to new places, meeting new people, experiencing different ways of life and cultures – it fills me up with happiness. Traveling no doubt makes me happier, but it also makes me feel more connected to people in general, which lets me feel empathy/sympathy for others more easily. In today’s world, I think traveling somewhere far away and connecting with local people there could be[Read more]

October Goals

  I know it’s the last week of October and all, but I didn’t want to miss out on my monthly mind-body-soul goals post! Having moved and taken a family vacation to Spain, this month has literally FLOWN by.   September Goals in Review Mind: Be the expert. Body: Take time to treat my body through self-care (I want to do more stretching throughout the day, focus on better posture, and pamper my body with at-home facials, eating food that[Read more]

Tips for Before & During a Move

Hello, hello, hello! Long time, no see, friends. Life has been moving at lightning speed, and I’m so happy to fill you in as to why I’ve been MIA for a month. Life Update Where have I been, you might be wondering? Well, let me tell you! My boyfriend, Cesar and I actually moved the first week of October from Weehawken to Hoboken, New Jersey (a mile south from where we were living). Downsizing by 300-350 square feet and 1.5[Read more]

Introducing The MIM Freebie Library

Good morning! How’s everyone doing today? I’ve been looking forward to this post for a while now. Today I’m sharing my freebie library! Who doesn’t love free things? I’ve been designing wall art printables for a few months now, and I thought it was time to share some of these babies with y’all! Why? Because I am obsessed with text, home decor, and affordable decorating for all.   What does the Making it Millennial freebie library have in it? Right[Read more]