A Snapshot: How I Organize My Life Using the UnCalendar

Everyone has a long to-do list, but how do people actually make sure their to-do lists get done? I’ve used a planner since 6th grade – seriously. Back then, it was mostly just a list of homework assignments, due dates for projects, and reminders to share with my parents. I used a planner in that way up until I graduated from college. Once I graduated from college, I became a middle school science teacher, and let me tell ya, I[Read more]

10 Little Things I Love About My Boyfriend

Love. It’s such an interesting phenomenon, isn’t it? I’ve grown to know that love looks, feels, and sounds different for everyone, but deep down, we all crave it.  I’ve always been so fascinated by learning intimate details about other people’s love stories: how they met, special rituals they do together, how they celebrate holidays – life experiences intrigue me, I guess.  Today I’m going to do something I’ve never done. I’m going to publically share a few intimate details about why I[Read more]

Four Steps to Decide What to Write About On Your Blog & When

It’s been awhile, ya’ll! As some of you may know, February is my birthday month, and I celebrated my birthday last weekend. With that and hosting my first EdTech meetup, I have been a busy bee and haven’t written in over a week. Butttttt, I’m back now How many of you ever wonder how on earth to decide what to write about on your blog? That was me before I started my blog, and even after I started it. Over[Read more]

February Goals

Hellllo February – bye, bye January!  The first month of this new year put me through the ringer, let me tell ya. Cesar and I celebrated New Year’s Eve in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (we were looking for a low-key NYE), and 2 days after that, I got a sinus infection that lasted for like 12,342 days. Okay, maybe like 10 full days, but it felt like FOREVER. Even while sick, I did work towards my January goals, which was a feat[Read more]

Marah Elizabeth’s Birthday Wishlist

February, oh I’m so happy to see you. Last night, I got a surprise text from a friend from college who is in town for work, and I met up with her and had a few drinks. It was so nice seeing her and catching up, it totally made my night! Even though my team isn’t in the Superbowl tomorrow (miss you, Broncos!), I LOVE the event – it has such an electrifying energy. February’s great for Groundhog day, the Superbowl, Valentine’s[Read more]

Quick Guide: 7 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas He’ll Love

Happy Sunday, friends! It’s been over a week (!) since I last posted, thanks to this January sickness that I am having a hard time kickin’. Usually I LOVE the new year and working towards my new year goals, but this month has honestly been a drag for me, which is why I’m so soo pumped for FEBRUARY – Groundhog day, my birthday month, AND Valentine’s Day – all things that I look forward to each year (I’m a festive[Read more]

Snapshot: My Health & Fitness Journey

One piece of “sticky” advice that I remember hearing growing up and will never forget is that everyone has a story. I remember watching Oprah in high school and loving the episodes where she would randomly choose a person from the audience and then they would get to tell their life’s story on her show – the struggles, victories, and life lessons that they had learned – and it was always soo powerful to watch. Since then, I’ve always tried to[Read more]

HSI Professional Salon Model Flat Iron | A Product Review

Any wavy hair or Curly Sue readers out there? Although I didn’t have any hair until I turned 2, boy did it grow in and compensate for those years of lost time. So many times, I have been told that I have a horse’s mane. The composition of my hair is so weird. I say that it has 2 “layers” – a top “thin” layer that is stick-straight, while the rest, or the “bottom” layer, is super wavy. I’m talkin’[Read more]